Challenge Workshops


Fun & unique challenge workshops… We can add these workshops to the activities you are planning, or include them in one of our programs !

‘Challenge workshops Quad Bike X-Cycles’

Discover the incredible feeling of riding a quad bike… This amazing 4-wheels pedal machine has 3 shock absorbers and 3 disk brakes. Beginner, amateur or expert, come and try this all-terrain vehicle safely. Go through the obstacles without wasting time… Anticipation, focus, balance and precision will be your best assets to help your team toward victory.

Atelier défis QBX


State of mind : Friendly, dynamic, cohesion

Intended Purposes : Develop focus, observation, self-control and strategy

Site : Outdoor

Rates : starting from 680€ (before tax)



Pricing includes :

  • 1 certified instructor
  • 4 Quad Bike X-Cycles
  • 4 helmets
  • Food supplies for all teams

Duration : 20 to 40 minutes per team over half a day

Options : Diversify your experience with our different bike (E-bike – BMX -…)



‘Challenge workshops Bike Mix’

Just like a professional team, each one will contribute to victory. When your turn comes up, you will need to put together a part of your bike (pedal mechanism, brake cable, tires, bearings…) and customize your own outfit (bike plates, hat, shirt…)

atelier méli vélo
State of mind : Friendliness, focus, observation, cohesion

Intended Purposes : Develop division of task, rally around a common project, creativity and imagination, excelling oneself.

Site : indoor or outdoor

Rates : starting from 450€ (before tax)



Pricing includes :

  • 1 instructor
  • 1 assembly stand
  • 1 bike in separate parts
  • 1 tool box

Duration : 30 to 60 minutes per team over half a day

Option :

  • Inter-team relay race
  • Personalized outfit for the race



‘Challenge workshops Flavor & Fragrance’

Being able to recognize a taste or a smell… not so easy when blind tasting. These 2 workshops allows your sense to get used to savoring in a fun way.

  • Flavor workshop : Awaken your taste buds. Each participant will taste beverages (sweet, sour, sparkling…) and will be asked to identify them. This workshop allows you to link different tastes with different parts of your tongue.
  • Fragrance workshop : Awaken your sense of smell. Each participant will smell odors and will be ask to link them with a color of wine (chocolate, spices, blackcurrant… = red wine). This workshop helps you stimulate your sense of smell before tasting.

oenotourisme à vélo
State of mind : Focus, deduction, cohesion

Intended Purposes : Develop exchange & dialogue, prepare your senses to a possible tasting

Site : indoor or outdoor

Rates : 250€ (before tax)



Pricing includes :

  • 1 instructor
  • 1 table with decoration
  • 6 fragrance pouches
  • 6 test beverages
  • Cups and napkins
  • Notepads and pens

Length : 15 to 20 minutes per team over half a day

Partner : Domaine Fontanille Haut

Options : Introduction to tasting, learn how to taste a wine (its age, attributes, the variety of its grape…), a perfect way to truly appreciate your wine.
An expert will guide you through this introduction, and will teach you the basics to discover your wines from every angle.

photo (956x1280)

‘And many other challenges are waiting for you…’

Archery – paper manufacturing – self-balancing scooter – zip-line – slack-line – land drone – wooden games – team pen game – raft building…

atlier coopération        Atelier défis rado